Do you agree that funding should be diverted from arms manufacturing toward climate justice?

Armed Conflict Exacerbates the Climate Crisis

Along with the catastrophic humanitarian impacts of war, military expansion and armed conflict are making the climate emergency worse. Bombardments hit fossil fuel infrastructure such as chemical and oil refineries, leading to prolonged fires that release soot particulates, methane, and CO2 into the atmosphere. The destruction and subsequent rebuilding of infrastructure causes needless emissions. Researchers estimate that the Iraq War was responsible for 141 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions in just a 5-year span, while 36 Russian attacks on fossil fuel infrastructure were recorded in just the first five weeks of the war in Ukraine.

The world's militaries are estimated to be responsible for at least 5.5% of global emissions; however, because of successful lobbying by the U.S., militaries are excluded from climate treaties and are not required to disclose their emissions. The climate impacts of weapons manufacturing and warfare are likely far greater than we currently know.


Divest from Arms and Invest in the Planet

Climate disasters put regions at greater risk for war, meanwhile, nations weaponize their militarized police forces on their own citizens who protest oil and gas projects. The RCMP spent more than $25 Million arresting Wet’suwet’en land defenders and protecting the private profits of Coastal GasLink.

Experts believe that the climate emergency is the greatest contemporary risk to national security and yet climate action remains underfunded while arms spending is at a record high. Canada currently spends $36.7 billion—or 1.29% of our GDP—annually on the military and has pledged to raise this spending to 2%, adding another $20 billion. It is time for a major shift in funding that prioritizes climate interventions instead of new weapons systems.

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