Uzoma Asagwara and Leah GazanUZOMA ASAGWARA

MLA for Union Station

"I support Leah Gazan for Winnipeg Centre in this upcoming federal election. Leah is a tireless voice in regards to climate action, human rights and in addressing the needs of those living in Winnipeg Centre in a manner that puts people first."

Malaya Marcelino speaks into microphones at a lectern


MLA for Notre Dame

"Leah is intelligent, very hardworking and cares about the lives of everyday Manitobans, especially those living in poverty. At her core, Leah is a human rights and climate activist. She will be a champion for the people and neighbourhoods of Winnipeg Centre. We will be close allies as we work together to be positive forces of change in Winnipeg Centre."


Student and Restorative Justice Advocate

"Leah is a tireless advocate for human rights, she supports a green new deal, and the implementing in Canada of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. As an Indigenous parent I believe that she is the best choice for my children’s future moving forward."

MP Alexandre Boulerice


Deputy Leader of the Federal NDP and Member of Parliament for Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie

"It is with great enthusiasm that I extend my support to Leah Gazan for the NDP Nomination in Winnipeg Centre. Her candidacy is a breath of fresh air, and an inspiration for many. She a woman, Indigenous, advocate, organizer, and part of many other social struggles. She will be a fierce Member of Parliament in the House of Commons."

Cora Wiens


Winnipeg Centre Resident and Business Owner

"I have no doubts about Leah's motivation — her loyalty is to the people. We have a lot to learn from and a lot to gain with her leadership.”


Cheryl James


Activist, Drummer and Winnipeg Centre Resident

"I'm excited for Winnipeg Centre and fully support Leah Gazan in her bid to represent and advocate for us. Leah is a powerhouse with the experience, crucial skills and natural gifts we need in our neighbourhood and the strong leadership skills needed for representing us in Ottawa. Leah the genuine love, enthusiasm and dedication needed for our community."


Melissa Brown, Leah Gazan and Cecil Sveinson


Community Worker and former Police Officer

“Although I do not live in Winnipeg Central, I have spent the better part of my 25-year career in policing working out of the Downtown WPS headquarters and serving Winnipeg Centre constituents. Now happily retired, I continue to work downtown with families and youth. As Winnipeg Cetre has one of the largest (if not the largest) concentrated Indigenous population of all the ridings in Canada, I’ve always felt it was important that this was reflected by the leadership at all levels of government. Unfortunately, recent leadership has missed the mark due to a lack of connection to the community. Meanwhile, Leah Gazan has worked in the riding for many years and has strong ties to the community. I know her to be an extremely intelligent, hard-working Indigenous woman with a strong voice. I have every confidence that she would meet the needs of all constituents. My partner, Melissa Brown, and I fully support Leah Gazan.”

Ellen Kruger


Winnipeg Centre Resident

“I am honoured to support Leah Gazan, and hope, with your support, she will be the NDP candidate for Winnipeg Centre. It will be so exciting to have such a wonderful, pro-choice, progressive Indigenous feminist activist as our candidate.”



Bear Clan Patrol Member, Educator and Social Worker

“I have known Leah Gazan and her family for most of my adult life. It is an honour to offer her an endorsement to be elected to represent the New Democratic Party in the next federal election and to have her represent the good people of Minto in the beautiful West End of Winnipeg. Not only is it important to have more women, people of colour and Indigenous folks represent us, Leah has worked tirelessly her whole life to bring social justice to all people. I know Leah to be passionate, hard-working, and to have the utmost in integrity. I have worked side-by-side with Leah in the past and expect to do so for a lifetime.”



Winnipeg Centre Resident and Environmental Justice Advocate

“I am excited to be able to support Leah Gazan. Leah truly cares about and respects the people in our riding, and is committed to listening and taking direction from people at the community level. I deeply admire and appreciate her ability to pull people together. Leah is creating a movement in this time where we desperately need collective action to dismantle oppressive and environmentally destructive systems.”

Bev Peters and Barb Janes


Wolseley Residents

“We are so excited that Leah Gazan is seeking the nomination to represent Winnipeg Centre in the next Federal Election. Our community needs Leah’s leadership and her voice; we need her demonstrated energy, commitment and the activism that she brings to human rights and social justice work. We need her perspective as an Indigenous woman. There is work to be done; solutions to be crafted to the injustices of poverty and racism, addictions and violence. We know that Leah Gazan will be up to the task. We endorse her nomination bid, look forward to working on her election campaign and seeing Winnipeg Centre represented by a New Democrat in the House of Commons.”


Brielle Beardy-Linklater


Two-Spirit Advocate and Winnipeg Centre Resident

“Leah Gazan is the representation that is needed in Winnipeg Centre. She is a sharp, compassionate and outspoken woman who is always willing to engage with people in need. She is someone who has built strong bridges with community organizations, and individuals who are constantly trying to better the lives of our inner city residents. Her lifelong work of advocacy, her willingness to address important social/political issues, and strong values are all essential to what makes her a brilliant candidate. I’m happy to support someone who’s vision of leadership includes all members of Winnipeg Centre. I am looking forward to seeing community at our centre by voting for Leah Gazan.”



Member of Parliament for Courtenay—Alberni

“I have witnessed Leah working throughout the country advocating for Indigenous human rights, social and climate justice. She is deeply rooted in the movement and I would be honoured to sit with her in the House of Commons pushing for a better world for all Canadians.”




Student, University of Winnipeg

“Leah Gazan has been a tireless advocate for marginalized communities in Winnipeg, from her history of fighting for human rights at the United Nations to her time as a teacher at the University of Winnipeg. I have complete faith that her experiences will lead her to continue this promotion of human rights when she takes office.”



Winnipeg Centre Resident

“As someone who lives and works in Winnipeg Centre, I feel that we need to move beyond the reheated policies of yesterday. After getting to know Leah, I know that she possesses the progressive thinking and strength to truly transform Winnipeg Centre.”


Minto Resident

“I’ve been fortunate to witness the passion she brings to her work and I can tell you we are fortunate to have a candidate like Leah. She will be a strong and fierce voice for the residents of Winnipeg Centre while also working with all communities fighting for justice and equity.”


Judy Wasylycia-Leis and Leah GazanJUDY WASCYLYCIA-LEIS

Former NDP Member of Parliament

“It has always been my hope that Leah would someday seek public office. She has been a friend and collaborator on many feminist and social justice projects over the past decade. So as you can imagine, I am over the moon with Leah's decision to seek the NDP nomination in Winnipeg Centre. Leah's connection to community and her passion for inclusion and equality are much needed in the House of Commons and I offer her my encouragement and support.” — Judy Wasylycia-Leis, former Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North


Richelle North Star Scott and Leah Gazan


Community Worker

“Leah’s pragmatic, hopeful insight into the City Centre’s problems and needs, along with her willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns, sets her far apart from the other candidates' expected techniques and talk. I am writing today to express my support for Leah Gazan’s campaign and my intention to vote for the NDP in the upcoming election, and to spread the word of the value of her policies and abilities. Leah Gazan will be a strong voice for us all!”




Member of Parliament for North Island—Powell River

“I am so pleased and excited that Leah Gazan is running for the nomination in Winnipeg Centre. As an NDP MP, I am excited to see powerful indigenous women run for politics. It is time these voices are represented in Canada’s House of Commons. Leah is fierce and strong supporter of those who are all too often left behind, as well as, an intelligent leader. I believe with Leah in the House of Commons, the voice of Winnipeg Centre will be one heard clearly. Her many years of advocacy and work speak for themselves. I look forward to serving with her.”



Advocate and Activist

“I am excited and proud to support Leah Gazan. Leah is a progressive candidate who has demonstrated her ability to facilitate change. Her advocacy and work on Bill C-262 is an example of that leadership. Leah will also bring integrity, passion and inclusiveness to her role as the NDP candidate for Winnipeg Centre.

"Winnipeg Centre needs a strong advocate like Leah who understands the issues facing this diverse community. Leah is the perfect person to represent Winnipeg Centre in Ottawa.

"I hope you will consider joining me in supporting Leah Gazan as our next candidate in Winnipeg Centre.”


Abdi Ahmed and Leah Gazan


Community Worker

“Leah is a fighter for social justice. She has lived and understands the challenges of the people of Winnipeg Centre. I have worked closely with her in addressing social problems in our community. I have seen her take a stand on critical issues affecting the people of Winnipeg Centre, and she has unwavering commitment to addressing the needs of our children, youth, women and families. She is the voice of the voiceless.

"I have often worked with her on advocating for marginalized people especially Indigenous people and New Canadians in the Riding. Leah is the only candidate who has the heart and ear to listen to important needs of the people I work with. I know that she will be the perfect representative of our needs at the House of Commons.”



Winnipeg Centre Resident

“As a resident of Winnipeg Centre, I am proud to support Leah. Being part of such a diverse neighbourhood, I want to make sure every member of the community feels they are being represented by someone who understands their struggle. I believe Leah understands the complex needs of this community and that she will continue to fight injustices not only in Winnipeg Centre, but everywhere.”


Zoe Cressman and familyZOE CRESSMAN

Minto Resident

“Leah Gazan is intelligent, passionate, convicted, articulate and not afraid to stand her ground. She’s also relatable, approachable, and kind. As MP, Leah will work to make sure that every- one’s basic needs re met while she tirelessly supports environmental justice and human rights. I’m excited and energized by Leah’s vision for Winnipeg Centre.”



Business owner and Logan Resident

I am so excited about the opportunity to vote for Leah Gazan to represent Winnipeg Centre. She is a courageous activist and I share her values. I respect and admire all that she has already accomplished, and I am confident she will do so much good representing our community in Ottawa.



Lorie English and Leah GazanLORIE ENGLISH

Community Worker

“As someone who is deeply committed to the West End community, I am so happy to have a candidate like Leah running for the NDP nomination. Leah not only understands the complex challenges this community is facing, she sees its strength and amazing resiliency. She is listening to local leaders and residents and working hard to bring together diverse communities to unite us against the politics of fear that is so prevalent in our current political discourse.

It is also important for us to prioritize diversifying the representation in Parliament. Electing more women, especially Indigenous women and women of colour, must be a priority in making our government institutions more reflective of the communities that they are meant to serve. I believe that Leah's ability to build meaningful relationships, provide unwavering dedication to the issues and her fearlessness in speaking truth to power are all reasons to support her in her efforts to become the next MP of Winnipeg Centre. I was proud to stand beside her at her launch yesterday and was so happy to be in the company of so many amazing community leaders."


Community Worker

I’m so excited to support Leah Gazan’s nomination to represent Winnipeg Centre in the next federal election. Leah’s ethics and intelligence are undeniable. She listens and works tirelessly. She speaks with clarity and passion. A true progressive leader!


Indigenous Lawyer and Law Professor

"Leah Gazan understands real life impacts on real people and she’s not afraid to stand up against injustice. She is hardworking and ethical. I believe she can and will make a difference for Winnipeg Centre and beyond."



Professor, University of Winnipeg

“Leah Gazan is intelligent, energetic and deeply committed to progressive social democratic values. She is a strong young Indigenous voice, exactly the kind of person to be representing Winnipeg Centre. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to support her  for the NDP nomination in Winnipeg Centre.”


Myrna Phillips and Leah GazanMYRNA PHILLIPS

Former Member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba

“I’ve known Leah since she was a child, and watched her grow up. I'm so proud of the super competent feminist socialist she has become.”



Paul Moist


Wolseley Resident

“Leah has lived a lifetime of activism and community work.  These are exactly the attributes Winnipeg Centre needs in its Member of Parliament. Hers is a voice that will speak out against inequality and I am proud to endorse her candidacy.”


Leah Gazan and Gramma Shingoose by Viv KetchumGERALDINE (GRAMMA) SHINGOOSE

Anishinaabe Elder

“There comes a time where a leader will make everyone a leader. That time is now. Leah's leadership will inspire all and she will wake up the true spirit of those who cross her path. Her love is truly a gift she will pass on to the future generations of tomorrow.”




Wolseley Resident

"Leah's commitment to social justice runs deep. As a demonstrated champion for marginalized communities and human rights, Leah's strong, honest and compassionate voice is what we need to represent Winnipeg Centre. I hope you will join me to support Leah Gazan for MP.”



Human Rights Activist and Junior High School Student

“Even though I'm taller than Leah, I still look up to her. She is one of the few adults in my life that cares about the same things I do — climate change, poverty, Indigenous rights — and is willing to do something about it.”


Niki Ashton and Leah GazanNIKI ASHTON

Member of Parliament for Churchill—Keewatinook Aski

“Leah Gazan is a leader whose progressive voice we need in Parliament. Her commitment to Indigenous rights, human rights and social justice is what we need to build a better country and a better world.”



Member of Parliament for Skeena—Bulkley Valley

"Leah has been a kind and tireless fighter for human rights and climate justice for over 30 years. Her compassionate approach working with people has inspired many to join with her in solidarity, working towards social justice and human rights for all persons. From her advocacy on affordable housing, mental heath, addictions to ending violence against Indigenous women and girls and promoting Indigenous rights, she is the ideal candidate to advocate for the dynamic community of Winnipeg Centre and the challenges we face as a country. I would be honoured to sit with her in Parliament as a colleague advocating for social change.”