We Need Evidence Based Solutions to Crime

We All Deserve a Safe Community

Recent violent incidents have shaken our community, and my heart is with all survivors and families impacted by these incidents. I have always been proud to call Winnipeg Centre my home, that’s why I’m concerned about the very real issues impacting our neighbours, including economic inequality, insecure housing, and unmet mental health and addictions treatment needs. The research is clear that poverty increases a person’s vulnerability to housing insecurity, mental health distress, and encountering violence. Nobody should live in fear. All of our neighbours deserve to live in safety and dignity.

We cannot police our way out of the crises of poverty and mental health. We need an approach that prioritizes crime prevention by eradicating poverty and resourcing mental health and addictions recovery supports.

Poverty is an unconscionable policy choice. It is preventable and it is reversable; all we need is the political will.


Eradicate Poverty to Address Crime

Policing does not prevent crime and it does nothing to address the root causes of crime. Research indicates that most incarcerated people experienced insecure housing and poverty prior to incarceration. Nearly 70% of federally sentenced women report histories of sexual abuse prior to incarceration and 86% have been physically abused in their lifetime. We fail to support our neighbours when they need help and then trap them in cycles of incarceration. We need solutions that work.

My Bill C-223, proposing a guaranteed livable basic income, as called for by the MMIWG inquiry (Call to Action 4.5), would bring us closer to eradicating poverty. And the Liberal government must live up to their 2021 campaign promise of a $4.5 Billion dedicated mental health transfer.


Do you agree that Canada should invest in income supports and mental health services to prevent crime?

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