November 16, 2020

Liberals and Conservatives Vote against Investments in Human Rights as COVID Crisis in Manitoba Worsens

Today, the Liberals and Conservatives voted against an NDP motion which called for the implementation of a permanent guaranteed livable basic income, a universal pharmacare and dental care program, and investments in social housing, paid for by taxing the ultrawealthy and those who are profiting off of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, Manitoba has 7,011 active cases of COVID-19, a 13% five-day test positivity rate, and 172 deaths. There are critical outbreaks in long term care facilities, correctional facilities and shelters. 

“Prior to the pandemic, BIPOC communities, Seniors, and Disabled persons have disproportionately been denied the very human rights enshrined in the Canadian Charter," said Gazan. “Years of government failure is now resulting in the loss of life. It is time to stop all partisan games and do whatever is necessary to support people and save lives.”

Gazan criticizes successive Liberal and Conservative federal governments who have allowed the wealthiest individuals and corporations to pay less than their fair share of taxes. Taxing the ultra-wealthy and making substantial investments in expanding healthcare, housing, and a guaranteed income would allow individuals to successfully follow public health guidelines during the pandemic and beyond.

“Especially during this time of crisis where lives are being lost, it is critical for this government to take the opportunity to divest from corporate welfare and invest directly in people. The residents of Winnipeg Centre deserve nothing less.”

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