A Just Peace Needed in Palestine and Israel!

Urgent Action Needed on the Humanitarian Crisis in Palestine

Israel’s devastating bombardment of Gaza following the horrific Oct. 7 attack by Hamas on Israeli civilians has led to a humanitarian crisis that requires immediate action. At the time of writing, more than 22,000 people are confirmed killed in Gaza, more than 58,000 injured, and another 7,000 are missing under the rubble. Nearly half of those killed in Gaza were children, and 79 journalists and media workers have been killed. 1.9 million have been displaced by the destruction of critical infrastructure.

The Israeli blockade on fuel, food, water, and medicine is causing dehydration, starvation, and the unmitigated spread of disease among civilian populations. Women are being forced to give birth without electricity or medication, and surgeries are being performed without anesthesia.

For decades, Palestinians have been subjected to occupation, eviction from their homes, the annexation of their land, and the expansion of illegal settlements.


Canada Must Act for Peace

After nine weeks of unequivocal support for Israel’s actions in Gaza, Canada finally voted for a resolution at the UN calling for a ceasefire. This vote was thanks to overwhelming public pressure which the Liberal government could no longer ignore. Canada’s vote must now be followed by real action to help bring a permanent ceasefire and an end to this cycle of violence.

For months, the NDP has been calling for action including: an immediate and permanent ceasefire; the return of all hostages; unimpeded humanitarian access to Gaza; special immigration measures; support for ICC and ICJ investigations into war crimes by all armed actors; an arms embargo on Israel and stronger efforts to end illegal arms smuggling to Hamas; and an end to the occupation of Palestinian territories.

Canada must meet its international human rights obligations by supporting a just and sustainable peace for Palestinians and Israelis.


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