Thank you for supporting Leah Gazan and the campaign to convert the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) into a permanent guaranteed livable basic income for all Canadians who need it. There is a clear case for a guaranteed livable basic income in Canada. We know a majority of Canadians support some form of a basic income, and we’re amazed that over 38,000 people have signed the petition in support of Motion 46 in just a few weeks! Now it’s time to put pressure on our elected representatives.

With Parliament set to resume with a Speech from the Throne later this month, now is the time to push the government for a guaranteed livable basic income program. 

Right now, we need to convince MPs from all parties to get behind Motion 46 and demand that Justin Trudeau and his cabinet commit to a guaranteed livable basic income without cutting existing social programs. Leah and her team are working with anti-poverty activists and movement organizations from all across the country to make this happen.

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I am urging you to support MOTION-46 to convert the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) into a permanent Guaranteed Livable Basic Income. With the CERB coming to an end, it is critical that all persons in Canada are afforded respect, dignity, and security of the person; this means making investments to ensure basic human rights for all.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many in Canada more vulnerable and deepened economic inequalities. A Guaranteed Livable Basic Income will provide a financial safety net for those who need it in addition to current and future government public services and income supports.

The Mincome project in Dauphin Manitoba, and Ontario’s recent basic income pilot project demonstrate the benefits of a guaranteed livable basic income in ensuring that all individuals and families are afforded basic human rights.

There is extensive and broad support across Canada for a guaranteed livable basic income, with over 35,000 people having signed the petition in support of M-46 in less than two weeks!

This period has demonstrated that we have the resources to enact bold change and distribute resources more fairly. We just require the political will to do so. Will you commit to ensuring all persons living in Canada are afforded with the right to live in dignity by supporting M-46 Guaranteed Livable Basic Income?

I look forward to hearing from you,


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