On August 10th, 2020, MP Leah Gazan submitted Motion 46 in the House of Commons, which calls for the CERB to be converted into a permanent Guaranteed Livable Basic Income. The motion comes out of a collaborative effort with Basic Income Manitoba and the Basic Income Canada Network. Read the full text of M-46 here

Over 38,000 Canadians have signed the petition in support of this motion.  Organizations from across the country are rallying behind the motion and campaigning together for a guaranteed livable basic income in Canada.  With a new parliament and a Speech from the Throne expected in the coming weeks, the time to make a guaranteed livable basic income a reality is now. 


Read Leah's Letter to  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Looking for accessible resources that explain what a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income is?? Look no further—your Motion 46 podcast playlist is here

Why Basic Income?

A guaranteed livable basic income (GLBI) is a predictable cash payment provided unconditionally by the government to all individuals in Canada who need it, without requirements to work (or seek work, training, and education), in order to build on our current social safety net and afford all persons in Canada with respect, dignity, security, and human rights affirmed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

"Canada is a resource-rich, culturally diverse, and human-rights-promoting democratic country. Despite this, far too many Canadians do not experience equal access to protections, resources or opportunities. The result is a less fair, just and cohesive society where efforts focus on reacting to harms and issues rather than on approaches that proactively prevent and work to eradicate inequality and discrimination". Read more from Senator Kim Pate on why we need a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income here.

Governing should be about investing in people first and not corporations; this includes divesting from corporate welfare, ending off-shore tax havens, and taxing the ultra wealthy. According to a 2018 CRA study on illegal tax dodging and a 2019 PBO report on legal tax dodging, Canadians are missing out on as much as $51 billion per year in uncollected taxes, in places such as off-shore tax havens and tax avoidance schemes.

Our current social problems are not free and we must invest differently. The cost of inequality, insecurity and poverty is high and unsustainable for all levels of government. Can you imagine if we made the ultra wealthy pay their fair share and used that money to invest in people?

A guaranteed livable basic income must be administered in addition to: increased investments in current and future government public services, accessible affordable social housing, expanded health services, and income supports meant to meet special, exceptional and other distinct needs and goals rather than basic needs.