SIGN NOW TO SUPPORT BILL C-223: National Framework for a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income Act

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On December 16th, 2021, I introduced Private Member’s Bill C-223, titled: National Framework for a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income Act.

We must move towards a future where all people living in Canada can do so with dignity, security and human rights.

This future is possible, it is simply a political choice. Sign below to join our movement!



Whereas current social assistance rates keep people trapped below the poverty line, leaving them unable to afford basic essentials like food, rent and transportation; 

Whereas Call for Justice 4.5 from the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls calls for the establishment of a guaranteed liveable basic income (GLBI)

Whereas a GLBI will give workers more power to demand better pay and working conditions, and not force them to take low wage, no benefit jobs;

Whereas a GLBI can be funded by ending handouts to big corporations, tackling tax evasion, and asking the ultra-rich to pay their fair share in taxes;

Whereas a GLBI, alongside an expanded social safety net, will lift millions out of poverty and ensure people can live with dignity; 

WE THE UNDERSIGNED call on the House of Commons of Canada to pass Bill C-223: A National Framework for a Guaranteed Liveable Basic Income Act.