Gazan: Throne Speech must focus on Expanding Social Safety Net, address Climate Emergency

“We have learned during the pandemic that people and communities continue to be left behind. The CERB demonstrated that we do have the resources to lift people out of poverty, yet this government continues to invest in corporate welfare instead of taking bold measures to eradicate poverty and ensure human rights and dignity for all.” said Gazan “ It's time to go after off- shore tax havens, divest from the fossil fuel industry, and tax the ultra rich!”

Gazan is calling on the federal government to do more for those left out of COVID-19 funding supports, including:

  • Workers

  • Seniors

  • Students

  • Disabled persons

  • Migrant workers

  • Refugees

  • Small businesses

  • Eradicating the funding gap in Indigenous communities

In addition, she is calling for the government to implement

  • Universal dental care

  • Universal pharmacare

  • Universal childcare

  • A wealth tax (Motion 43)

  • A permanent Guaranteed Livable Basic Income (Motion 46)

  • Climate Action (Bill C-232 Climate Emergency Action Act)

“As a newly elected Member of Parliament, I put forward Bill C-232 the Climate Emergency Action Act, which supports a clean, healthy, safe environment as a human right. COVID-19 has not halted the climate emergency but government actions have.”


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