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  • When people received CERB, they were more likely to spend locally. Most small businesses are self-funded, and the dwindling middle-class means less entrepreneurship. A #GLBI will be a boon for small and local businesses and help build healthy neighbourhood economies. #BillC223
  • Poverty is a policy failure. The current system of conditional income supports doesn’t work. Cash transfers redistribute wealth and power from the ultra-wealthy to our communities. It’s time for the rich to pay their fair share. #GLBI #BillC223
  • The climate is in crisis. Wildfires, drought, record-breaking heat. Industry needs to change and workers need to be supported through the transitions. #GLBI for a just transition! #BillC223
  • The richest 1% of people produce more carbon emissions than the poorest 66%. Economic justice is climate justice. #GLBI #BillC223
  • Living in poverty drastically increases a person’s likelihood of experiencing gender-based violence including violence against #MMIWG2S. Call to Justice 4.5 explicitly calls for a #GLBI. It’s time for Canada to answer that call. #BillC223
  • Living in poverty is linked to higher rates of disease, mental health distress, addictions, disability, and a shorter lifespan. Poverty is a policy choice that hurts our health. A #GLBI will pull people out of poverty and take stress off our public health system. #BillC223
  • Basic income is tested, proven, and ready to improve the lives and well-being of all people in Canada. #GLBI is an idea whose time has come. #Bill C223

Slide Packages

Each slide package does a deeper dive into reasons why a GLBI is the best way forward for Canada. Post these slides together as a one thread.

Slides: Why a GLBI?

Slides: A GLBI to End Gender-Based Violence

Slides: A GLBI to Save Public Health

Slides: A GLBI for Thriving Local Economies

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