Motion 46 National Day of Action: Guide



Opening Prayer Gramma Shingoose

Event Overview

Opening Remarks

 Leah Gazan, Member of Parliament

 Kim Pate, Senator

Panel Discussion

Sheila Regehr, Chair, Basic Income Canada Network

Elaine Power, Kingston Action Group for Basic Income Guarantee

Grand Chief Jerry Daniels, Southern Chiefs Organization

Sarah Jama, Disability Justice Network of Ontario

Chloe Halpenny, Basic Income Canada Youth Network

Craig Berggold, Basic Income Canada Network

Q and A (as time allows)

Calls to Action

Online Rally Photo (get your sign out)

Email your MP

Mass Social Media Share

Next Steps

Getting more Involved with the Motion 46 Campaign

Upcoming Actions

Follow along with the presentation slides

Tech Support

How to pin speakers in Zoom


Calls to Action

Group Photo:

1) Get your sign  - click here

  • Print it out
  • Draw it

  • Open it on your phone

2) Turn your camera on, hold your sign up and smile for the screen shot

Note: This image will be shared publicly, if you do not consent to being in the photo, please turn your camera off

Email your MP:

1) Open the email tool on our website - click here

2) Enter your information | add your own words | hit Send

3) If you've already sent an email, contact the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister

  • use the text from the email tool or write your own message
Justin Trudeau 

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @JustinTrudeau

Chrystia Freeland

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @cafreeland

4) After the Rally, phone your MP - look up your MP's phone number here


Social Media Blast 

1) download this image (right click, or press and hold on your phone)

2) Post the photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

  • Complete this sentence to make your caption: "I support Guaranteed Livable Basic Income because..."

3) Use these hashtags:

  • #motion46 #GLBI
  • Tag Politicians 
Leah Gazan

Facebook:  @LeahGazanMP
Instagram: @leahgazanmp
Twitter:      @LeahGazan

Justin Trudeau 

Facebook:  @JustinPJTrudeau
Twitter:      @JustinTrudeau | @CanadianPM

Chrystia Freel

Facebook:  @freelandchrystia
Instagram: @
Twitter:      @cafreeland



Get More Involved with the Motion 46 Campaign

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