Green Homes are Affordable Homes!

Low-Income Canadians Need Green Homes Too

Unaffordable energy bills mean people must decide between paying for utilities or groceries. Inadequate heating or cooling leads to health problems and structural damage to buildings. These growing affordability concerns are leaving families and individuals with a series of impossible choices.

Energy efficiency upgrades are a proven way to lower energy bills, locking in long term savings. It creates good green jobs, reduces energy waste, offers protection from cold and extreme weather events, and plays a critical role in achieving Canada’s climate goals.

Existing federal programs remove financial barriers for middle and upper-income Canadians looking to make their homes more energy efficient. But program gaps are leaving at least 15,638 low-income individuals in Winnipeg Centre behind. Why?

  • Most existing federal programs relevant to Winnipeg Centre residents require payment up-front – and not everyone can cover the upfront costs.
  • Renters are excluded.


It’s Time for a Green Building Strategy That Leaves No One Behind

The NDP is committed to pushing the federal government to adopt a more ambitious retrofitting program, including targeted supports for low-income households and renters. This strategy must prioritize right to information on energy performance of rentals, tenant protections against renovictions, and affordability covenants to curb predatory property flipping.

The federal Green Building Strategy promises to deliver net-zero emissions by 2050, but they won’t get there by leaving low-income households and renters behind. Now is the time for a federal Green Buildings Strategy that supports Canadians through the affordability crisis.


What would you like to see included in the federal Green Buildings Strategy so that your household can benefit from better energy efficiency?

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