April 22, 2021

Budget 2021 doesn’t do enough to end poverty

TREATY 1 TERRITORY, WINNIPEG—On Monday, the federal government released its first budget in two years, which did not include a guaranteed livable basic income. This is in spite of the fact that thousands of people across Canada have been urging the government to expand our social safety net to include a guaranteed annual livable basic income.

The value of guaranteed income programs have also been supported by the Parliamentary Budget Officer who, on April 7th, 2021, released a report showing evidence that a guaranteed livable basic income could cut poverty rates in half with net zero cost.


Anti-poverty advocates from across the country, including MP Leah Gazan, were disappointed by the current government's failure in expanding the social safety net, noting that the federal government fell flat again on the opportunity to massively eradicate poverty in this country.


“We know that people are struggling more than ever and that individuals who were already being left behind before the pandemic are now even further behind,” stated Gazan.“ This government continues to bail out big corporations, not go after off-shore tax havens, and not tax the ultra-wealthy while individuals and families across this country struggle to survive. It’ time that this government put people first”


Since being elected, Gazan has been pushing for the implementation of a guaranteed livable basic income and has witnessed tremendous support, including a petition with over 40,000 signatures in support of Motion 46.


“Canadians and residents of Canada are ready for Motion 46, which aims to implement a guaranteed livable basic income in Canada.  There is no reason, in a country as rich as Canada, that so many individuals live in poverty.”


On April 28th, 2021, NDP MP Leah Gazan will seek unanimous consent in the House of Commons in support of Motion 46.

Claire Johnston

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