Prime Minister must acknowledge housing crisis in Winnipeg with action says Gazan

In a report by the Parliamentary Budget Officer last week, Winnipeg was identified as having the “highest number of Indigenous households in housing need” of all Canadian metropolitan areas, with 9000 households with core housing needs. The report also noted that in order to address the crisis of urban Indigenous housing, the federal government would be required to spend approximately $1.4 billion more per year. 


During the Question Period yesterday, Gazan asked whether the Prime Minister planned to take action in response to the alarming findings of the Parliamentary Budget Officer, who provides independent analysis of the Government of Canada’s finances and expenditures. 


“I was very disappointed by the Prime Minister’s response. We have lost two lives in my riding in the past two weeks as a result of a failure to ensure the right to adequate housing. Not only did he fail to provide condolences for the individual who died as a result of a fire that broke out in an encampment in our community yesterday, he also did not commit any additional funding.” stated Gazan


Gazan indicated that she was shocked by his response.


“I was appalled that in light of our most recent tragedy, he used his time to reiterate funding that has already been allocated, which has been identified by the PBO as completely inadequate. The Liberal government needs to do better,” stated Gazan.


This is something that was acknowledged by Minister of Northern Affairs, Dan Vandal.


“Although I am happy the Minister of Northern Affairs has acknowledged that his government can do more, now is the time for actions, not words. We don’t have time for jurisdictional disputes or blame games. Lives are on the line,” said Gazan.

Claire Johnston

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