Manitoba NDP MPs call on Liberals to reverse cuts to help for people

“I’ve heard from families and seniors in my riding who are at risk of becoming unhoused for the first time as a result of the CRB being cancelled. The impacts of the pandemic are not over,” said Gazan. “One constituent, who is immunocompromised, is unable to work as a result of the pandemic, jeopardizing his ability to provide for his family. He was shocked when the Prime Minister provided only 48 hours’ notice before cutting the benefits he depended on. The Prime Minister needs to immediately reverse this callous decision.”
At least 900,000 people discovered last week that their benefits would be eliminated and replaced with a patchwork solution, but details still need to be released and it's unclear if those people would even be eligible. New Democrats have committed to push to extend help for people like the CRB until we are no longer in a pandemic.

“Hundreds of thousands of people are still unable to work and need support from the government right now,” said Ashton. “Because of this government’s actions, people here in Northern Manitoba are struggling to afford the basic necessities of life. Big corporations, on the contrary, continue to get support from the Liberals.”

“Justin Trudeau needs to do the right thing and recall Parliament to reverse these cuts,” said Blaikie. “Liberals say they’ll leave no one behind, but they are kicking seniors off the CPP Guaranteed Income Supplement and squeezing the poorest of the poor for CERB repayments while letting big, profitable companies make off with wage subsidy dollars. This is not how we build back better.”


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