NDP calls for a federal dental plan for Canadians

“Millions of people in Canada do not have adequate dental coverage, forcing them to put their health at serious risk. Young people, low-wage and precarious workers, and seniors, are often forced to leave their dental issues untreated because they can’t afford to visit the dentist,” said Gazan.

According to a Parliamentary Budget Office report released in October 2020, nearly 6.5 million Canadians would benefit from our program, a number that continues to grow as people lose their jobs and dental insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Liberal government’s failure to act on dental care is putting people’s health at risk and causing a strain on our health care system. Canadians deserve access to this basic right,” added Gazan. “I am proud that New Democrats are leading the way in making dental care an integral part of Canada’s health care system so that people don’t have to keep delaying the care they need.”

Claire Johnston

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