Statement by Leah Gazan on the Anniversary of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

Today marks one year since the Taliban took control over Afghanistan. 

My heart is with all of those in our community who have loved ones still inside Afghanistan or in precarious situations in neighbouring countries.

I have heard from many of my constituents who live with daily fear for their family members and feel abandoned by the Government of Canada.  Many of them were outstanding leaders in their country, and our partners.  They know that their parents, siblings and colleagues are targeted due to their work.

It is essential that we re-open the Special Immigration Measures for Afghan Nationals who assisted the Government of Canada. We have left too many of our colleagues and partners and their close family members behind. 

Our government has demonstrated that it is possible to welcome people here quickly using temporary immigration programs through the special immigration measures for Ukraine. They must be expanded to Afghans and other refugees fleeing crisis situations.

Equally essential is the delivery of aid – our government continues to stand in the way of live-saving aid getting to communities in need. We must ensure that sanctions and counter-terrorism measures are not barriers to humanitarian work. 


In solidarity,


Leah Gazan
(204) 984-1675

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