Guaranteed Livable Basic Income goes for Unanimous Consent in Parliament

Leah Gazan, along with dozens of leaders across the country, including Basic Income Canada and Basic Income Manitoba, are continuing to fight for a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income for all those in Canada who need it. 

On April 28, Members of Parliament will have an opportunity to move forward on this important issue by supporting Motion 46.  It is time to listen to the voices of so many people across Canada calling for a guaranteed livable basic income. Read on to find out how you can help put pressure on elected officials.


April 28: Unanimous Consent Motion on GLBI

On Wednesday, April 28, Leah Gazan, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre, will be seeking unanimous consent in the House of Commons calling on Members of Parliament to support a guaranteed livable basic income in Canada.  The motion will read as follows:


That, in the opinion of the House, the government should introduce legislation and work with provincial and territorial governments and Indigenous peoples to ensure that a guaranteed livable basic income (i) accounting for regional differences in living costs, (ii) for all Canadians over the age of 18, including single persons, students, families, seniors, persons with disabilities, temporary foreign workers, permanent residents, and refugee claimants, (iii) paid on a regular basis, (iv) not requiring participation in the labour market, education or training in order to be eligible, (v) in addition to current and future government public services and income supports meant to meet special, exceptional and other distinct needs and goals rather than basic needs, including accessible affordable social housing and expanded health services, establish a guaranteed livable basic income on an ongoing and permanent basis in a concerted effort to eradicate poverty and ensure the respect, dignity and security of all persons in respect of Canada’s domestic and international legal obligations.


Leading up to April 28, we will be working hard to raise awareness for GLBI and increase the pressure on MPs so that we can move forward on this important issue.

We're asking supporters like you to help us by sending one more email to your MP.

This is a huge moment for the GLBI movement.  Will you help us by emailing your MP and ask them to support Leah's motion?

Did you know that over 44,000 people have signed Leah's Motion 46 Petition

Basic Income Allies are Hard at Work:

We are thankful for all the work being done by other organizations in the fight for basic income. Together, we have a powerful movement that politicians cannot ignore.

On April 8, the United Church of Canada organized a national action for guaranteed livable basic income in partnership with other interfaith organizations.  They called on communities to light a candle in support of basic income.

Supporters meet with Leah outside her office to light a candle in support of GLBI as part of the United Church of Canada’s day of action.

The First Mennonite Church of Winnipeg hosted a debate on basic income in which Leah participated. Check out the recording of the event and watch Leah build the case for a GLBI and myth-bust the critics.

In March, Leadnow asked people to submit recordings to their video petition calling on the government to introduce a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income immediately. The result was a powerful and clear message from people across Canada that the time for basic income is now! Watch the video here.

Stopping the CERB Claw-Back 

Leah is working alongside NDP MP Daniel Blaikie and Campaign 2000 to raise awareness about the federal government's harmful effort to claw-back CERB payments made to struggling Canadians during the pandemic.


Leah and others oppose this irresponsible threat.  Why should the most vulnerable among us be asked to pay back pandemic support money?  It's possible that some people will face housing and food security challenges if they're made to repay the CERB. The CERB demonstrated how basic income support programs are truly important for families and communities. Taking these benefits away is a step in the wrong direction.  Campaign 2000 invites people to share their personal CERB stories with them as part of their fight against the claw-back.

As April 28th draws near, we will be ramping up our campaign in support of Leah's motion.  Stay tuned to find out how you can support the fight for GLBI in Canada in the days and weeks to come.

Are you ready to take action?

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