Gazan calls for Serious Investments in Human Rights in Winnipeg Centre Ahead Throne Speech

“We have not had real investments in affordable, accessible, social housing for over a decade. We have a growing number of members in our community experiencing homelessness or on the verge of homelessness, including many seniors” said Gazan.
“Winnipeg Centre is experiencing unprecedented levels of violence. People are calling it a meth crisis. I call it a poverty/human rights crisis with a lack of mental health and trauma supports! I am hoping that this Liberal government responds to our community, as a third poorest riding in Canada by investing in human rights.”

Winnipeg Centre has witnessed a number of murders in the last few months, which is currently placing great stress on the community. According to Leah Gazan, the community requires immediate and urgent supports.

“Our community does not lack solutions. In fact, Winnipeg Centre is home to some of the most innovative ideas and frontline organizations in the country. What we do lack, however, is sustainable long-term funding. With the current crisis we are experiencing, I am hoping that this Liberal government’s Speech from the Throne will signal a commitment to ensuring the health and human rights that it deserves”

Gazan is the NDP Critic for Families, Children, and Social Development and Deputy Critic for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

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