MP Leah Gazan submits Motion to convert CERB into Basic Income

Gazan has been working in collaboration with Basic Income Manitoba and the Basic Income Canada Network on the motion (M-46):

“Canada’s income security system has always contained many gaps, inequalities and inefficiencies, which have been worsened by the pandemic. A guaranteed livable basic income would solve these deficiencies and increase the sense of security and well-being of all who live in Canada.” -Sid Frankel, Basic Income Manitoba Board Member

In May, 2020, A Probe Research poll indicated that 62% of Manitobans support introducing a basic income.

”In honour of the work of Basic Income Manitoba and Basic Income Canada Network, I am excited to announce my Private Member’s Motion (M-46) to convert the CERB into a permanent guaranteed liveable basic income.” said Gazan. “COVID-19 has demonstrated that we do have the resources. We must ensure all individuals in Canada can thrive in dignity and that means making investments to ensure basic human rights for all.”

Gazan’s motion calls on the federal government to work with the provinces, territories, and Indigenous peoples to implement a guaranteed liveable annual income. Call to Justice 4.5. of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls final report calls upon all governments to establish a guaranteed annual liveable income for all to provide for social and economic needs.


“CERB has proven that a Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI or Basic Income) is possible and good for Canadians. GLI is deeply interconnected with fair access to housing, healthcare, education and social services. As the very rich get richer, GLI is how Canada can uphold our international reputation for respecting fundamental human rights - by creating a path for all Canadians to reach peace, wellbeing and security.” - Senator Marilou McPhedran (Manitoba)

“While the Liberal government continues to design social policies to exclude our most vulnerable during the crisis, it is clear that this Motion 46 introduced by MP Gazan is the only viable path towards a just COVID recovery that includes everybody in Canada regardless of their age, income, or access to employment.” -Matthew Green, MP for Hamilton Centre

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